Pre-Order Information


Pre-Order Terms & Conditions

Occasionally we will have products which are available for pre-order, to allow the opportunity to secure an item before its arrival. 

Notes on pre-order items:

  • When purchasing pre-order products, the full purchase price is charged at the time of purchase.  No further charges will be applicable once the item has arrived.
  • Products purchased on pre-order may be refunded at any point before the item has arrived due to supplier issues and circumstances out of our control.
  • Expected delivery dates are indicative and most often accurate, however occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control delays in delivery may result.  Due to this, we reserve the right to extend the expected delivery dates.
  • You will be notified via email once your pre-order purchase has been shipped.  
  • Once your purchase has been shipped all standard shipping and returns policies apply.

Should you have any further queries regarding pre-order purchases, please email our sales team for assistance: